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Smartsmeexpo2019 RABIKACOFFEE THAILAND coffee shop opens

Hello, today, Rabika coffee is joining the booth at the Smart SME Expo 2019 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani

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Celebrating the 120th anniversary of Esso in Thailand  

Photo exhibition of congratulations on the agenda of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited has been operating in Thailand for more than 120 years.

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Image of donation project Scholarships for children With good grades

Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Rabika Coffee and various business partners Joined the donation project Scholarships for children With good academic results but lacking funds This scholarship will be held in Chanthaburi province on 8 July 2015.

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Training Barista Rabika Coffee

Training Barista Rabika Coffee on 16 - 24 June 2015, where the atmosphere is fun and friendly with the Barista Rabika Coffee training.

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Rabika Coffee Shop, a new branch

Prepare to meet with Fresh Riga Coffee Coffee, various branches, ready to open. Both in Bangkok and upcountry with special promotions

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4 Check your business ready "Franchise sales" yet!

As the business progresses to a certain extent, SME often thinks about expanding the business. Many businesses cannot reach the dream side, often due to insufficient investment. Branch expansion is difficult, although the business has a bright future. If your friend's business is in this situation Franchise sales may be another answer to grow the business forward.

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8 recipes, choose a good franchise !!

Even if investing in a franchise business is not the beginning of counting like a self-employed business. But how to be sure Interesting franchises will bring success to business. Even if you have never had business experience before Deciding to choose a good franchise is not easy. Which looks like a good franchise should have the following 8 characteristics ...

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Photo processing of social support activities for the year 2017

SRD International Co., Ltd. (RABIKA COFFEE) has organized social assistance activities for the year 2017, Kru Yoon Child Protection Foundation. Samut Songkhram Province

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8 recipes, choose a good franchise !!

1. Size of the business

This does not mean only the size of the store. But includes a symbol that indicates the success of the general human eye Regardless of the number of branches, reputation and image of the business These are the basic characteristics that can be taken to consider and compare other businesses initially.

2. Age of the business

The longer the duration More reflects the knowledge and understanding from the experience that the business owner has on the business characteristics and market overview Which is ready to convey to others to follow Including the direction of future business development

3. Profit of the business

No one wants to invest in a business that is not profitable. Therefore, if the business is not profitable Or suffer losses Was not bright Because of the franchise business Is a way of business growth Not a way to find a solution to solve the problem of failure. However, knowing the profit / loss of the business may be a bit difficult. Franchise software may be used to ask questions from branch operators.



4. Possibility of marketing

Yes, that the franchise system is suitable for every business. Because even though the performance of the previous business is successful But the business expansion with the franchise system has changed from the original Which interested investors will have to consider the feasibility of the market as well, ie, the business must be able to be desired by both the consumer group And business associates Because if the operating system is difficult Or high investment will risk loss


5. Identity

Identity in products / services Is one condition that has a chance of success Because they can open the market more easily But must include other factors. However, if the business is unique But the franchise program cannot be broadcasted. It is difficult to succeed in the franchise system.

6. The availability of the franchise

If a business that is interested in having a big and promising business, the franchise itself is an experienced person. Have a comprehensive strategy But lacking a good relay Is not able to place the business model in both production, marketing and management systems To use as a scripture for the franchise Business can not happen. Since the franchise system is a copy of a successful business model, it is operated by another operator. Which is absolutely necessary for the business owner to transfer knowledge in order for the franchise to succeed as well as himself

7. Business readiness

Business system considerations are another important thing. Because if the business model is complex and systematically organized It is difficult to reproduce the operation. And should also consider whether the franchise program has written explanations of the business process in the form of a manual or not Because this method allows franchisees to learn Understand quickly Including being able to review knowledge when needed This will help the franchise to ensure that success will happen for sure. In addition, the franchise should determine the clear role of both the franchise and franchise. The franchise software will transfer knowledge and technology. The system and right to use the band only But will not go to do business While Franchise C will be responsible for investment, overseeing branches, customer care and management under the business plan.

8. Size of investment

The last important thing Is to consider whether the franchise investment is appropriate for the business or not. In general, the investment size will consist of the first entry fee, Royalty Fee, equipment fees, etc. If it is too much investment May become a burden to bear Or too little may be an indication of business insecurity Because the funding of the franchise will affect the operation Which will be the result of future franchises

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