Coffee Story

Investment tips Without loss

The important factor that makes our investment is not that loss. Started from the answer we wanted. From the questions we asked The answer we need is "What should we do?" More than "What should we think?" Therefore, howto we should search and want to get that answer is How to do.

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6 marketing strategies "Food business" that will take you far in the 4.0 era

Having your own business or business Considered something that many people dream of Especially those of payroll men That started to have money to keep And want to step out of the same life cycle like every day Which if anyone doesn't know how to start Try to follow what we are telling you.

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12 Steps to Franchise Business Success

12 Steps to Franchise Business Success If you are looking for an investment franchise business, this step 12 will guide you in your business success.

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Tips for making coffee shops To be successful

For many people who have dreams of wanting to open their own coffee shop Amid the competition of the coffee business How to make our coffee business successful By today, At Min has brought good tips on how to make a coffee shop. What are you going to see?

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4 Properties "Owner" Business: Weerayut Chaisri Thai

In an age where everyone talks about starting a "Startup SME" business, this term begins to appear in many different channels, including big companies. In the communication industry Or banking industry Also turned their attention to new business startups as well

4 features "Owner" or PCTR should check before starting the business If you want success in business

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History of coffee

Coffee drinks are regarded as a highly popular drink from the whole world and have a history of thousands of years. That was discovered by Bang Ern Or some people have said that coffee is an immortal drink that never decays from the human world forever

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Coffee species

In this world, there are many varieties of coffee, each species has different qualities. But there are two coffee varieties that are most popular among consumers: Arabica Arabica and Robusta Robusta, which both have different characteristics, including cultivation, taste and smell.

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Rich rocket technique With the coffee shop business

Another type of business that is currently popular is coffee shops. Because it is suitable for working customers who rush in the morning At the same time, the store area also allows users to sit, work, or meet, to invest in coffee shops, thus being one way to help business owners Success

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4 Properties "Owner" Business: Weerayut Chaisri Thai

In an age where everyone talks about starting a "Startup SME" business as a substitute for working-age people. Young people With a dream of being a business owner from small Then grow strong Began to appear as more currents, stronger, more extensive Especially the growth of youth groups such as Taokaenoi Seaweed, Snack Sukantha, Thep Thai Toothpaste, Bakery Shop, Coffee Shop, Restaurant
     The success of SME Startup has its origin from the person from the dream from the concept. What makes these people successful in business? What qualities result in those opportunities? And success Accepted by the market Which is very complicated nowadays
     4 features "Owner" should check before starting the business If you want success in business

1. Personality - The personality of a business owner is very important. Can be considered that everyone can develop a good personality If seriously interested Personality is the first door of business presentation. People see you have to believe that you have a business concept view. With a view to creating profits Called what is seen as money Be alert and take action all the time. Awake to learn new things And have a positive view of what is seen. The conclusion is that you should be alert to looking for opportunities. "Profit" is a concept, positive, positive, and has alertness, ready to take action (Pro Active)

2. Creative - Creativity The key to success in business owner New entrepreneur Most of them tend to initiate the business from their aptitude and tend to bury themselves with that preference. Until becoming a "self-thought" that may be a barrier to success in business Because it may be counter to "Customer needs" in the market, which if only creative Would not be able to succeed

     The owner should therefore "communicate" the idea to the action. Communication with both within the business And communicate with customers is therefore an inevitable rule of success Good communication is caused by both body language communication, spoken language, written language, all needing information to be compiled to convey. Therefore, learning all the time, awareness and knowledge management is the basis of the business owner needed.

     All will create business confidence (Confidence) for more owners to be able to communicate and lead the organization through the crisis. Build confidence for people in the organization. And stakeholders in the business as well

3. Target - business goals Most business owners, especially Startup, do not dare to set business goals. Often responding to himself "Just enough to feed yourself"
Was satisfied with setting the wrong business goals As if hypnotizing yourself to make mistakes Setting business goals is therefore necessary to set reasonably. There is a chance of occurring on the challenge. Not just too small to target because it will make business growth even more difficult. On the basis that business stakeholders want to see "return" or "profit". If the target is not consistent with the return, it is difficult to have anyone interested in your business.

4. Relationship - Social relationships are the things that "business owners" need to have because of the technological speed that makes competition in the business very serious. Therefore enabling businesses to have more relationships in many dimensions Both with stakeholders, customers, followers, shareholders or even business partners These relationships contribute to reducing the risk for the business, in which the business owner needs to have skills in managing the relationship for the success of the business.

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