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Investment tips Without loss

The important factor that makes our investment is not that loss. Started from the answer we wanted. From the questions we asked The answer we need is "What should we do?" More than "What should we think?" Therefore, howto we should search and want to get that answer is How to do.

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6 marketing strategies "Food business" that will take you far in the 4.0 era

Having your own business or business Considered something that many people dream of Especially those of payroll men That started to have money to keep And want to step out of the same life cycle like every day Which if anyone doesn't know how to start Try to follow what we are telling you.

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12 Steps to Franchise Business Success

12 Steps to Franchise Business Success If you are looking for an investment franchise business, this step 12 will guide you in your business success.

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Tips for making coffee shops To be successful

For many people who have dreams of wanting to open their own coffee shop Amid the competition of the coffee business How to make our coffee business successful By today, At Min has brought good tips on how to make a coffee shop. What are you going to see?

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4 Properties "Owner" Business: Weerayut Chaisri Thai

In an age where everyone talks about starting a "Startup SME" business, this term begins to appear in many different channels, including big companies. In the communication industry Or banking industry Also turned their attention to new business startups as well

4 features "Owner" or PCTR should check before starting the business If you want success in business

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History of coffee

Coffee drinks are regarded as a highly popular drink from the whole world and have a history of thousands of years. That was discovered by Bang Ern Or some people have said that coffee is an immortal drink that never decays from the human world forever

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Coffee species

In this world, there are many varieties of coffee, each species has different qualities. But there are two coffee varieties that are most popular among consumers: Arabica Arabica and Robusta Robusta, which both have different characteristics, including cultivation, taste and smell.

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Rich rocket technique With the coffee shop business

Another type of business that is currently popular is coffee shops. Because it is suitable for working customers who rush in the morning At the same time, the store area also allows users to sit, work, or meet, to invest in coffee shops, thus being one way to help business owners Success

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6 marketing strategies "Food business" that will take you far in the 4.0 era

Many SMEs may see marketing as a headache. But when you come in the online era, dominate the world, stop it. Because everything that comes from awakening to sleep is all about marketing Marketing is close to the digital age. Because it helps customers recognize the brand or product And able to respond quickly in accordance with increasing sales By using presentation methods in both concrete and abstract In terms of food business operators If you want to drive business in the 4.0 era, you must market to cover 6 items as follows.

   1. Product strategy

Our products or food can meet the needs of consumers. Is the quality consistent? What's new innovation? Is it a pretty chic package? (Because this generation wants to reflect a good image) * But must not forget that the product is really what they want? Then if yes! How to create a customer experience for them?

   2. Price strategy

Must consider the price of the competitors, the costs and profits that we will receive * But if your brand is sustainable You may need a way to present products that are torn from the original frame. It is important to show customers that your product has more value than others.

   3. Location strategy

Food business, shop, location is still the first priority. Strategic location selection Can be observed from the amount of customers Who are our customers, where are the neighborhoods and where our customers come from? * Another important part and must be done in parallel Is to create a shop on the online world Because it is an indispensable business opportunity in this era

   4. Sales promotion strategy

Is there a way to choose promotions from? Do we have sales promotions to drive sales? What is the cost of sales promotion? What media will we use to present? And how do you know that the promotions we made are successful? Which requires measurement and evaluation * But more importantly, it is necessary to retain customers and build faith in the brand from them.

   5. Strategies of sales staff or service personnel

Is there a proper job placement and staff training? How much are our employees witty? Can offer or suggest sales in order to increase sales? * More than that is to create a salesperson or service employee with a true work mindset

   6. Communication strategy

We will use any communication channels to promote our products and services to our customers. Today, online media plays a very important role. Because almost all brands, products, food-related services There are channels to use all online media such as website, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube. * Using these tools Must be consistent with the behavior and trends of consumers Good communication must be presented to the point of heart. Will take less time to create awareness and result in rapid sales growth But if it is to be most effective, must be done in parallel between online and offline

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Kiatisak Chamapisit

Assistant Director: True Corporation Public Company Limited

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