Americano, fragrant aroma, concentrated coffee Suitable for those who really like the taste of black coffee. Most coffee necks prefer to drink Americano without milk or sugar. To soak up the taste of American coffee in full.


Cappuccino, a coffee menu that no matter who is passionate about the taste With a perfect blend of authentic coffee flavors, makeup with delicious whipped cream, Rabika Coffee special recipe adds a mellow flavor to the cappuccino coffee menu, making anyone who has tried to fall in love until withdrawing.

Rabika Master

Rabica Master Special flavored coffee, specially formulated at Rabika Coffee only. Master Yen was raised to be a recommended menu with a concentrated roasted coffee recipe mixed between condensed milk and fresh milk that came together to complement each other perfectly.

Green tea

Green tea, fragrant, soft, just sip and feel the taste of the tea. Until he couldnot miss to ask for the glass flavor


Chocolate menu that should not be missed. With a mixture of chocolate concentrations Blended with condensed milk and fresh milk Making chocolate cool with a wonderful taste Nothing is more compatible. If adding flavor to mellow More sweet with whipped cream

Iced Tea

Iced tea taste the popular drink of Thai people In the form of Arabica coffee The perfect combination between the fragrant aroma of Thai tea and the sweet, creamy flavor of milk. Which we think is the most appropriate proportion To make those who have eaten Remember the taste in the heart

Iced Lemon Tea

Lemon tea, high quality tea, squeezed lemon juice Blend perfectly Which is a secret for our lemon tea to have a distinctive flavor Gives a refreshing feeling, refreshing the throat all day.

Pink Milk

Pink milk, sweet water, smell, relish the unique formula of Arabica coffee With good sweetness Outstanding aroma With good quality milk With the ratio that we are sure is the best Giving a soft, gentle taste that becomes a favorite of many people


Espresso midpoint between rich flavors The seductive aroma of fine quality roasted coffee With condensed milk and fresh milk In the ratio that we are sure is the best point To make our espresso With both the concentration of coffee And the mellowness of milk Which is a taste of unforgettable memories

One Last Kiss

One Last Kiss, Grape Nectar, Arabica,s unique recipe Eating as a fruit juice is sweet, sweet, or blended with smoothie milk.

Nightmare Over

Nightmare Over Pineapple flavored sweet water, unique form of Arabica coffee That gives freshness, full, can be plain or smoothie It is best in every way


Punch combines a variety of fruit flavors with the recipe of Arabica Coffee. Making the whole glass packed Freshness And sweet and sour taste No one like If you have tried it, you will be impressed.


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